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John Chung came to the United States from Korea as a young man in 1980. He joined his brother in California's Napa Valley where he worked as a landscaper. Here he developed a deep appreciation of nature and gardening.

Later, he left the West Coast and made his way east to attend college. He attended school at U.C. Davis the Medical College of Virginia. He did his undergraduate work in Communications and Chemistry. He met his wife Yesook, at MCV, where she was a Registered Nurse. Yesook worked while helping her husband to succeed in Dental School and start his practice. Yesook juggled working, supporting her husband and 3 boys. Eventually she left her career in nursing to help Dr. Chung manage his practice. She is often seen in the reception area greeting patients and friends.

John Chung is truly a self-made man who came to this country with big goals and dreams. He accomplished those dreams through hard work and the support of his wife and family.
John and Yesook live in Newport News where his 3 boys have grown to fine young men attending College in Virginia and Georgia. One of his favorite hobbies is working in his garden. Dr. Chung loves Dentistry and serves his patients with kind and gentle hands. He has been described as, ‘a Caring and Sharing dentist'.
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